Full-stack product designer with 8 years experience designing best-in-class digital products for clients across Europe, the US and Asia. I've helped to launch and grow successful startups, and worked with well known companies to deliver end to end solutions to complex scenarios, always with a focus on putting the customer first.

Case Studies

What I appreciated most about Ciarán was his pragmatic approach to designing software. He focuses on simplicity and strips back an interface to only the essential elements. He skillfully used this approach to create an entirely new product for video creators at OneFootball. Upon release, the work was highly praised for its impact and "simple UI/UX".

Jack Flynn
Head of Product Design at OneFootball


I’ve been in tech for 15 years. Ciarán is in the top 3 designers I’ve ever worked with. His grasp of the fundamentals are very strong, but that’s not what sets him apart. What sets him apart is his ability to:

  1. Understand what he’s designing or selling almost better than the client understands it (I believe this is called cognitive empathy).
  2. Work at pace while maintaining design integrity. I’ve genuinely never worked with someone who has managed to get the really important things right, and nail the finish, without spending a disproportionate amount of time on the minutiae. This style works incredibly well if you’re working on SAAS and/or landing pages, both of which were the case for our projects.

I’ve worked with Ciaran on 3 projects this year - two where we were working for the same client, and one where he was working for me. I have since recommended him to over 10 people in my personal network - this is not an exaggeration."

Tony Ennis
Prev Co-founder at First Circle, CTO at Web Summit