Welcome to the design practice of Ciarán Hanrahan. Ciarán is full-stack freelance product designer with 12 years experience designing best-in-class digital products. Ciarán also runs an agency working at the intersection of brand and product design with his partner Emma here.


I first contracted with Cal to design a marketing site and web-app and then joined to help define their product roadmap, lead all design initiatives and build out a design system for a fast growing open source product. Cal recently announced a $25M Series A off the back of a very successful year.


Peblo is a global financial service that provides invoice financing to creators and talent agencies to alleviate their cash flow issues. Myself and my partner Emma were hired to deliver a brand, a website and a web app for Peblo with a 3 month turnaround.



I worked on a contract with the team at Qatalog to help improve core features around pages, posts & sharing while also helping build out their new design system to cater for a rapidly expanding feature set across their product - the go-to place for team collaboration.


I contracted with an extremely talented team of designers at Cloudkitchens to help build a flexible design system that needed to support a number of complex systems across multiple platforms.


I worked with OneFootball on a number of contracts over a 2 year period. I led the initiative to build their design system to serve a growing team of designers & engineers across a number of platforms (including iOS, Android and Web).


Conjure is a new a behavior change & achievements platform built by solopreneur James Whelton. I've worked with James in short sprints over the last three years to help create a visual identity, a web app, a website and a component library to enable him to launch and grow his application.


What I appreciated most about Ciarán was his pragmatic approach to designing software. He focuses on simplicity and strips back an interface to only the essential elements. He skillfully used this approach to create an entirely new product for video creators at OneFootball. Upon release, the work was highly praised for its impact and "simple UI/UX".

Jack Flynn
Head of Product Design at OneFootball